CHING LEEN through the most advanced automated production equipment and an aggressive management team, we was devoted to research and upgrade of the SMT processing. We convinced that elevated the high-quality professional electronic products processing factory should be continuous improvement and innovation. SMT OEM. Continuity provided the excellent quality and the best service to customer.

PhilosophyChingLeen Philosophy

CHING LEEN requests that all of company employees have to do the customer-oriented. In order to the high-professional and high-quality production, provided customer to satisfaction and relieved of product quality. And let customer feel satisfied is our final service target. Provide professional production processed, continue to uphold the excellent of quality and continuous improvement. As to professional service and high-quality efficiency is responsible for quality. About commitment to customers insist on high quality and provided the specialization of production process.


CHING LEEN philosophy: Improve the work quality, Satisfies the customer request, Creation the company profit.