CHING LEEN through the most advanced automated production equipment and an aggressive management team, we was devoted to research and upgrade of the SMT processing. We convinced that elevated the high-quality professional electronic products processing factory should be continuous improvement and innovation. SMT OEM. Continuity provided the excellent quality and the best service to customer.

ChingLeen quality objectives

In the annual of quality objectives, CHING LEEN is persisted with valued of production quality to satisfy the customer of request. We are convinced that through the continuous analysis, improve and review to reach a stable quality level.

Decision DepartmentQuality Objectives

SMT Defective Rate: 300ppm

In Process Quality Control: 97.5%


Production Efficiency Objectives: 90%

Quality Control First Pass Yield Rate Objectives: 98%

Test First Pass Yield Rate Objectives 98.5%

Closed (Turnover) Days Objectives: 14 Days


Incoming Quality Control: 99%

Material Delivery Accuracy: 95%


Outgoing Quality Control: 98.5%

Trace to unusual reaction and wait customer reply to closed objective: 95%


Only produced lead-free process.